To determine the cause of your dizziness you first need a complete medical examination ordered by your physician. Vision, blood pressure, heart rhythm and gait are typically assessed during your evaluation. Your thorough assessment includes an audiometric (diagnostic hearing) evaluation that provides valuable information to the audiologist and physician about the functioning of your auditory system. At times, a referral for treatment is made to other medical professionals.

Balance disorders are some of the most common complaints heard by physicians today. Balance problems can be caused by the normal process of aging, but can also be triggered by inner ear disorders, orthopedic conditions and injuries. At Fairbanks Hearing & Balance Center, we diagnose the causes of these problems and, together with collaboration of your physician and associated vestibular physical therapists, we help you find relief from them. In the short term, a treatment plan can be designed to help you reduce the risks of falls and live more confidently with greater balance. For the long term, we can seek solutions that may alleviate or eliminate the cause of your balance issues.

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